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What is the return policy?

We will accept returns for 3 months or 90 days after you have purchases any of our products, and the product has not been opened or stored outdoors.

How much does shipping cost?

FREE ! we require a 1 day lead time.
Same day orders are subject to a $75.00 surcharge and must be received and processed prior to 9:30 am

What is the minimum order?

$100.00 dollars for Delivery and $20.00 for will call orders.

Do you charge a core deposit when buying 55 gallon drums of oil ?

Yes, we charge a $30.00 core deposit until you return the drum. We will refund your deposit when you return the empty 55 gallon drum.

How should lubricants be stored?

All our products including 55 gallon drums need to be stored in doors.

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